Clients' Reviews 

Quality service to our clients is our utmost priority.


Some of our core values in establishing a long-term working relationship with our clients are:

Our consultants are committed to go the extra mile to take care of the financial, protection and wellness needs of their clients.





Julian Lee

(Rep No. LSL200081560)

Senior Director

Financial Services

"We are grateful to people like you who share your knowledge in helping customers to understand their needs especially when they are not aware of it. Treating them like friends rather than customers. When kindness touches a heart, life becomes rich."

- Mak Wei Mun

'Thank you for your kindness & great service!"
- Tan Sok Hua

"Your trustworthiness & professionalism gave me the peace of mind to entrust you with investment & insurance matters."

- Poon Peng Hua


Ace Chan

(Rep No. CZH300207209)

Executive Senior

Financial Consultant

"Thanks for all your help and advice, Ace! You have done great deal in getting me covered and safe in case of any emergency."

- Dylan Law

"You have worked hard to achieve such achievement."

- Kua Ghee Siang Kelvin

"Thanks for putting so much effort to help me."

- Ng Jing Tan


Clara Thiam

(Rep No. CTY200100455)

Executive Senior Manager

"Thank you for your dedication and effort in suggesting the best plans for us!"

- Tee He Jia, Sherraine

"You have always been professional & dedicated. Above these excellent services, you are thoughtful & kind!"

- Alvin Chong Fook Kiong


Queenie Ang

(Rep No. ACS200091498)

Associate Director

"Thank you for all the recommendation and customization of insurance to my family and my needs. Appreciate it."

- Chris Chen

"Keep it up, Queenie! You deserve the recognition!"

- Stephany Chung

"Great Eastern Life Assurance is something that I can fall back on when I'm in need of financial support."

- Patricia Ho


Ang Ching Rou

(Rep No. ACR300289017)

Executive Senior

Financial Consultant

"I am happy to learn that you have done an excellent job during these few years. Keep it up dear, looking forward to hear that you are reaching the Top in the near future!"

Soh Xiang Jun

(Rep No. SXJ300290104)

Senior Manager

"Sincere, patient and trustworthy. Also helps to solve problems when I need help."

- Teo Gek Song 

"Congratulations on being recognized as a TOP achiever."

- Giridhar Somayaji