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What We Believe In

Employees are every organization’s greatest asset and we believe that happy and healthy employees lead to
better productivity. By taking care of your employees towards achieving good health and financial wellness,
you’d be allowing them to reach their maximum potential and contribute more to the business performance

of your organization in the long run.

What We Have To Offer

Our Programme is Comprehensive.

Our Proposition is Simple.

Join our Complimentary Corporate Wellness Programme

for a happy and healthy workforce who will take
care of you when you take care of them.




Health screening is an important first step in disease prevention
and goes a long way in improving the overall well-being of your
organization and the employees.

Our basic health screening comes with the employee benefits plan and tests for
the following:
• Blood Glucose
• Blood Pressure
• Cholesterol
• Height / Weight / Waist Circumference


Talks and Workshops

Talks and workshops equip your workforce with valuable insights
from experts on health and wellness, financial planning, and people
development to improve the overall
well-being of the organization.

Health and Wellness

Windows to your health

  1. Vision Care 

  2. Dental Care

  3. Healthy Living

  4. Wellness

  5. Beauty


Financial Wellness

  • Learn the basics of sound financial planning for different life stages.

People Development

  • Recognise the psychological and personal skills that contribute to workplace harmony.



Corporate Roadshows

Roadshows are a fun and engaging way to learn about achieving a
healthy work-life balance.

Our team is able to organise these
events at your chosen venue, making it easy to cater to your staff well-being.

Corporate Bazaars

  • Supported by a wide variety of merchants, our corporate bazaars and roadshows come in different scales and sizes to suit your organization’s needs.


Employee Well-Being Day

  • Promote physical and mental well-being among your staff through exclusive active lifestyle and all-rounded wellness workshops.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizing activities that support a worthy cause creates positive 

feelings and builds camaraderie among staff.


In corporate

give-back programmes, everyone can play a part in feeling and doing good together as an organisation.

We have an array of corporate social responsibility programmes to choose from. 

The activities include:

  1.  Donation Drives

and many more...


Sports Activities

Keeping fit is fun.
Doing sporty activities together
as an organization improves
team rapport and productivity
in the long run. By keeping fit
together, you are lending support to your employees towards achieving good health, allowing them to reach their maximum potential and contribute more to the business performance of
your organisation - and all this
through healthy fun.

We have a range of low, medium and high intensity workouts to suit different employee demographics and interests while keeping them fit.


The sports activities include:

  1. Aerobics

  2. Zumba





and many more...


Employee Plans

Talent is your most valuable asset. With rising costs, the right employee plans can help control expenses and minimize staff disruptions caused by financial worries. Plus, it gives you a competitive edge in attracting the best talent.

Portable Medical Scheme
Healthy Staff, Healthy Profits

  • Continuous medical coverage that can last through retirement and employees can focus on recovery instead of having financial stress from prolonged absenteeism.

  • Company benefits from higher tax deduction on medical expenses.

Portable Accident Plan
Protect Your Talent From The Unexpected

  • Provide financial support should employees have high medical expenses or take extended leave due to an accident.


Corporate Plans

We are now offering great savings on our series of customised corporate packages so that you can enjoy peace of mind as you focus on growing your business while reducing staff disruptions caused by financial worries.

Group Employee Benefits

Protecting Your Greatest Assets

  • Your employees are your greatest assets - they are the driving force behind every business and a key factor in achieving corporate success. That is why protecting the well-being of your human resources is one of our top priorities.


Commercial Packages

Safeguarding Your Business

  • Protect your company from all key threats so that you're prepared for any unforeseen events that could cause big business disruptions.

The Best Part

Still pondering about partnering with us? Here's why you should.


Fully Complimentary

No hidden fees or charges


Organised at the convenience of your workspace


Wide range of activities to choose from


Quick and Fuss-Free

Sign Up Process


No Contracts

or Agreements


Highly customizable to your needs and interests


Flexible Timing


Coordination, Planning on us

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Hear from Our Participants

Muhamad Khairudin

Thomas is very knowledgeable and I love his insights on retirement planning. It is indeed never too young to start planning for retirement.

Emily Loh

Thomas is very knowledgeable in the topics. He did his sharing in a clear and organised way that was easily understood for beginners. I would highly recommend the sharing!

Zavier Lee

There was a lot of good info that we might not know/be too lazy to find out on our own. Thomas pointed out a lot of blind spots in our own planning.

Jackson Ting

The speaker preached what he’s doing. The talk was smooth and well paced. The retirement talk was especially apt for people like me around their 30s.

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