Our people are our most valuable assets

This is why we invest substantial time and resources in training and developing our associates and staff.


With our comprehensive internal training programs coupled with our principal company’s wealth of training resources supported by its Centre For Excellence, our associates are given every opportunity to embrace continuous learning, enhancing and upgrading their expertise as they endeavor to become the competent and trustworthy professionals respected by their clients.



Financial Consultant




Great Eastern's Centre for Excellence provides comprehensive training in financial products, services and marketing tools to equip our consultants with the required knowledge and competence to serve their clients. Numerous certifications are available for financial consultants to acquire financial advisory expertise and meet the rigorous competency, ethical and professional standards. Some of these are general certifications, while others represent specialty areas. Interested consultants may also pursue continuous education in the field for career development, which will lead to the following professional qualifications:

  1. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

  2. Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)

  3. Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)



Our agency caters for various personal and skills development training to our associates and staff in areas such as leadership, business management, communication, presentation, sales, personal branding, customer acquisition and service excellence, in order to uplift their professionalism and realise their full potential.



Consultants will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and expertise to provide well-rounded financial planning services in specialized areas such as:​

  • Estate Planning

  • Wealth Accumulation

  • High Net Worth Planning

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MDRT is a premier association of financial professionals from all over the world. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business. The agency focuses on cultivating the MDRT spirit and provides mentorship in developing aspiring consultants to reach their MDRT goals.

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Mentorship and coaching is another aspect of training that is provided on the personal level. With a nurturing and supportive environment, our leaders are ready to share proven methods with new consultants to help them build successful business models in an attainable time period. Potential consultants are also given personal mentorship to groom them into leadership positions.




STARR Wealth Advisory also provides training for interns to broaden their perspective of the working world and to help them pick up new skills that are beneficial for their future careers.


The internship programme has generated positive feedback, with numerous letters of appreciation received. It has been proven to be both practical and enjoyable to participate in, thanks to our vibrant and spontaneous team of associates and staff.