Internship Overview

Under the close mentorship of the management and supervisors, interns will be exposed to myriad areas of work to give them a good coverage of the financial service operations. Other than their daily job assignments, they will be involved in training workshops, giving them a unique first-hand working experience in a leading financial institution.

Besides providing a learning platform for tertiary students who are interested in the area of financial services, our internships also provide career opportunities for interns who are interested to pursue a career with us, either in administration, or as financial consultants.

Job Type: Internship / Contract   ( Entry Level / Junior Executive ) 


Job Period: Flexible Start, for at least 2 months


Allowance / Remuneration: $650 - $1,000 monthly


Profession: Accounting / Banking / Financial Industry/ Financial Services / Banking 

Job Description

  • Support in agency administration

  • Support in customer acquisition

  • Assist in planning and execution of activities

  • Accounts consolidation and documentation

  • Attend sponsored courses

  • Upon good performance, recommended for sponsorship of CMFAS certification

Interns Testimonial

With more than a decade of internship experience, our agency has established excellent internship records with tertiary students and educational institutions. Many interns have benefited from our eventful and rewarding internship. Their positive feedback over the years are a testament to the success of our enriching internship.

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Tang Pei Qi

2020 Intern | Singapore Poly

" During the 22 weeks, I actually learnt a lot on how a finance company works. They offer a variation of trainings and meetings for us to attend as interns so I am glad to have such opportunities to hone my knowledge and skills. The agency's environment is very friendly and cosy. You can speak to anybody and there is no very firm hierarchy which I think is good as we are able to open up a little bit more. I would like to thank the people who have provided me with guidance, care and the patience they have towards an intern. I feel that as an events student, being in a finance company, I learnt a lot more than what my diploma can offer. So now I have events and finance knowledge as well. "

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Darien Ngee

2020 Intern | Temasek Poly

" The main soft skill I've picked up is communication skills. I got to know more of how insurance plans work and the different types of policies. There is a very positive environment around me which is good. When I don't know about my work, my manager will be more than happy to help. She has been very patient with me. "

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Racheal Lim

2020 Intern | Temasek Poly

" I picked up a lot of interpersonal skills and teamwork from my job role. Everybody is really kind and helpful to one another, like a family. We tolerate one another when we make mistakes, especially the interns. I am really thankful for this internship and will definitely recommend this to the others because this company prioritises a lot on our learning and ensures that we learn different job roles. I am motivated to take on different job roles and projects. I would say this is something everyone should definitely try and experience. "

Eng Jian.PNG

Tan Eng Jian

2016 Intern | Temasek Poly

" This internship has opened up a new perspective on financial planning for me and provided many opportunities for me to learn and grow. "

Jeremy Khoo.PNG

Jeremy Khoo

2016 Intern | Enrolled to NUS Law School in Aug 2016

" Working with the consultants and other interns was a refreshing experience as they come from all walks of life and contributed many alternative viewpoints during discussions, which expanded my world view and made me a more critical thinker. Overall, this internship was very beneficial to me as I felt that I was doing meaningful work and making a contribution to the company's growth. I also had a keen understanding of why I did the things I did, and a greater appreciation of how the financial services sector operates. "

Sze Xuan.PNG

Tan Sze Xuan

2016 Intern

" I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my Manager Financial Consultant - Queenie Ang Ching Sze, who in spite being extraordinarily busy with her duties, took time out to hear, guide and keep me on the correct path during my internship period.

I also learned a lot about event organizing through helping out at the Star Interns Challenge. "


Pang Hui Ling

2015 | SIM Intern

" The internship with Julian has a great impact on me as I have gained and learned a lot from him. He is always ready to share and guide us, which helps in our personal growth. The vibrant culture and friendly colleagues make the work even more enjoyable. I signed up for GE's Budding Entrepreneur Scheme as a part-time Financial Consultant while I continued with my degree studies in SIM. The scheme is unique such that it gave me a head-start in my career. With the knowledge and skills I learned from the job, it has widened my perspectives which was also helpful in my studies. Upon graduation, I have the advantage of a smooth transition into the career as a full-time consultant. "


Tan Xiang Xiang

2015 Intern | Temasek Poly

" I enjoyed the flexibility and responsibility given to me as an intern. The hands-on work assignments gave me exposure to the real life business environment and especially the importance of financial planning. After I graduated from TP, I joined Julian Lee & Associates as a Financial Consultant, a decision I never regretted. This career brings out the best in me with constant self-development and unimaginative breakthrough that I have experienced. I am now able to take on different challenges confidently and positively and am happy with this meaningful job that is able to help other with their financial needs."


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